Hello everyone!

JoinTheForce is looking for 2 high skilled (Diamond/Immortal Rating) players that wants to compete on the highest level within the Benelux and the rest of Europe!

We currently have a core of 3 players that is part of the new VALORANT line-up. We are looking for 2 more players to fill the spots that are left. Since we have the ambition to play in the (sub)top of NL & Europe, we seek experienced & serious players that want to compete in esports.

JoinTheForce wants to invest in a long-term relationship with the team where we can build with. The team will also gain benefits from the community if it shows progress and loyalty.

JoinTheForce is looking for 2 players that matches the following criteria:
– Skill rating has to be Diamond and above
– Preferably experience in a semi-professional team environment
– Willing to play official ladders and tournaments
– Able to attend (Dutch) LANs
– Has the ambition to become (sub)top of NL/Europe

Are u ambitious and looking for an organization to play for? Then contact us by adding Jeplaa on Discord:


We look forward to see you at our tryouts!