CSGO Recruitment Day Deventer

6 November recruitmentday-selectie dag Join The Force in de Deventer Gasfabriek. Ben jij het Counter Strike talent die wij zoeken? Op zaterdag 6 november organiseert Join The Force een selectiedag.Iedereen van 15 jaar en ouder kan in de Deventer Gasfabriek zijn vaardigheden tonen.Een club van minimaal 6 talenten word gescout om minimaal een keer per week in ons clubhuis in de Gasfabriek opgeleid te worden tot E-sporter. Doel is uiteraard om met dit team door te laten groeien tot het eerste team van Join The Force. Waneer: Zaterdag 6 novemberTijd: 12.30- 17.00Waar: de Gasfabriek, Zutphenseweg 6, DeventerVereisten: Minimaal 15 jaarJe…

Waxweazle by Waxweazle
23 oktober 2021

Wreckfest Do not Finish Challenge!! 🏎️

For the second time together with the The Iron Viking 🛡️, JoinTheForce is organizing a Wreckfest Challenge This wonderful tournament will take place on friday, August 20 from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m..The game which it is all about is Wreckfest! 🏎️ Wreckfest is a racing game focused on destroying cars, so it's going to be a hell of a fight between the participants 😉 So don't assume that people will stick to fair play! The only thing that counts is to keep your car on the track and leave it in one piece, even if others will do everything…

MikeyyM by MikeyyM
15 augustus 2021

The First Official Join The Force Tournament 🏆

We are so excited about this that we are going to organise our very first official Join The Force tournament on Saturday 19 June! 😊 We, Join The Force is an organization with a thriving gaming community. Our goal is to bring enthusiastic people together, with a shared passion, gaming!Our members have different reasons to actively take part in and shape the community. For some it is fun.Our community interacts daily online, sharing experiences in our favourite games or just sharing a casual conversation, after winding down from a long day. For others, it is the drive to develop their…

MikeyyM by MikeyyM
17 juni 2021

Join The Force Warzone team announcement

We are proud to announce our new Warzone team! ⚔️ We at Join The Force have finally stepped into the world of Warzone. We were looking for a team to represent Join The Force in warzone for a while now. Warzone is in the BeNeLux not yet as big a concept as other games, therefore we would like to change this with our new line-up and promote Warzone in the BeNeLux! The guys who are going to represent us are: Arco ''Metropolis'' Hanekamp 🇳🇱Elwin ''Katusuro''Hanekamp 🇳🇱Roy ''royboyer'' Boyer 🇳🇱 The 3 men have had a passion for battle royale games…

MikeyyM by MikeyyM
30 maart 2021

Elite Series Spring Split 🏆

Join The Force has received an invite to participate in the Elite Series Spint Split! The total prize pool of €15,000 will be divided between the Sping Split, Summer Split and the Champions Final. The teams that will be competing for this are: Sector OnemCon Rotterdam4Elements EsportsLowLandLionseClub BruggeJoin The Force This exciting challenge for our team started on the 11th of February. The first 2 weeks of the tournament have already been played so therefore now a short summary how the first 2 weeks have gone.In week one Join The Force had to take on Sector One, the matches are…

MikeyyM by MikeyyM
23 februari 2021

CSGO 2v2 Wingman Cup 🏆

Op 16 januari 2021 om 19u organiseert Join The Force een 2v2 wingman toernooi in samenwerking met Cooler Master. Iedereen is welkom en er zijn leuke prijzen te winnen! De winnaars van dit toernooi winnen de 2 Cooler Master MM 711 muizen. Er is ook bonus prijs! Degene die de meeste enemies flashed in één game krijgt de 2 Cooler Master MF 140R ARGB Fans. Om deze te kunnen winnen, moet je een screenshot van het scorebord plaatsen in het 2v2-wingman-tournament kanaal op Discord. Hierop moet te zien zijn hoeveel enemies jij hebt geflashed.De top games worden gestreamd op ons Twitch kanaal.…

MikeyyM by MikeyyM
6 januari 2021

JTF en Raster slaan de handen ineen 🤝

Raster jongerenwerk en Join The Force gaan voor gaming talent! 🏆 Join The Force en Raster gaan een mooie samenwerking aan voor de lokale jeugd. Join The Force geeft Raster de mogelijkheid om gebruik te maken van hun training locatie in Deventer.De lokale jeugd die zeer enthousiast is over gaming gaat daar op vaste momenten in de week de kans krijgen om lekker te ontspannen en hun talent voor gamen verder te ontwikkelen! Raster helpt kinderen en jongeren hun skills en sociale vaardigenheden te laten ontplooien. Hun visie ligt altijd op ‘’Talent’’, door jezelf te ontwikkelen op welk gebied dan…

MikeyyM by MikeyyM
10 december 2020

Our newest addition to the esports line-up: CS:GO Female!

As gaming is getting more diverse, we are very proud to announce our newest addition to the esports line-up: CS:GO Female! We are really happy that we were able to come together. Both parties are viewing this as a long term commitment and see view it as the perfect match! The line-up consists of: Angela “ANGELKA” NikolovskaSigne “SIGGZ” WikströmSiv Therese “Tess” LyngværNatalie “nAAz” SandellMirte “Moraltis” HoremansMake sure to keep an eye out on our social media for upcoming matches of our CS:GO Female line-up!Enjoy the video below! https://twitter.com/i/status/1333822425742667779

jeplaa by jeplaa
1 december 2020